Why do we Need a New Journal?


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Dr Anil Kumar

Director, University Journal, Editor-in-Chief, University Journal of Society, 400/B, Buddha Vihar, Munirka, New Delhi, 110067, India, Email: anilstate@gmail.com

Published: (forthcoming) 26.11.2021, Pg. No. 07-09
Content ID: UJS/2021/V01N01/CNJ

Many journals are being published from India and across the world. All are claiming that they are the best for the researcher and their publication is the best place for getting published their work. All journals are calming that they are only publishing the content after rigorous double-blind peer review.

However, in the reality, in most cases, one can publish anything even in the most reputed journal including in those journals whose first priority is to claim themselves as an “international journal”, whether they form India or other than India.

In most cases, if the journal is very honest then they have no reviewer from all countries, nations, cultural, ethnic and such social groups to check the facts, reality, co-relations and analysis. For example one can find an article on India, written by an Indian published out of India in an “international journal” but that article contains no facts, reality, co-relations, and have wrong, or bad, or execrated, or biased analysis. Maybe that gets published as new facts or themes or wonderful research because they may not have the Indian reviewer. This is similar that if Indian is reviewing the non-Indian content. These are happening in the social sciences, where the contents are containing social and political perspectives. Just like them, similarly, this is very difficult to find non-Indian peer-reviewers for a journal based in India.

We are not writing or claiming that our journal is “international” rather by nature and work we will grow as the “international journal”. We have a plan for growing this journey.

In the first phase, the journal has a plan to connect scholars, writers, and those who matter for opinion-making from across India. Our plan is to connect at least one representative from each state and union territory with 50% women representation.

In the second phase, we will connect with our neighbouring countries.

In the third phase, we will connect with South Asian countries.

In the fourth phase, we will connect with entire Asia.

And in the later stages, the journal will try to connect scholars, thinkers, writers, and policymakers, opinion-makers from other continents and continents to publish better, unbiased content with accurate data and interpretation.

This will solve one of the biggest problems which we have discussed earlier.

This journal will not publish a single content without proper review including ethics, norms and values for social wellness and the standard defined by this journal and international practices.

Therefore as of now, this journal will not publish any content from out of India because we have no reviewer who knows very well about those societies to maintain the ethics, norms, and values or of the concerned society and who can ensure that the contents are not prejudicial, not biased, and result of the publication will not harm the concerned societies and countries.

However, the journal has also discovered a new way of checking all these things before publishing. After initial editorial review of the content, the creator/ author may ask to certify the content with university faculty and/ or college faculty or authority as per need decided by the editorial board in written from the official email and/or with their official letterhead, signature and seal. This will consider as equivalent to the peer review. This is the unique method discovered and defined by the founder-editor Anil Kumar.

The journal has understood that if someone coming from India then they are not automatically familiar with the Indian society and or s/he is not biased, not prejudicial, and have great value of research ethics as the journal have already pre-defined.

India is a very big country, and have full of diversities. Therefore this journal will ensure accuracy; neutrality and non-bias before publishing throw our reviewer from these areas. These are mainly applicable if the contents are reflecting, culture, cultural values, political opinion, political analysis, relation or conflict between two different social and cultural identities, and subjects like this.

Here we are different from any other publication or journal.

The university campus, the journal, the magazine, and the newspaper, and all such public platforms are known for open public expression, debate, discussion and discourse.

In India including the rest of the world, all must all journals do not provide the opportunity for wider academic expression, debate, discussion and discourse, therefore the writing is went unchallenged, unchecked, non-public reviewed, non debated, and non-public discoursed. This is happening all over the world because we must not expect that readers will or should engage in these expressions, debates, discussions and discourses by writing a research article. Because maybe everyone does not want it or have no resources (of time or material) or their concern of engagement do not fit into writing another piece of the content.

To solve these engagement problems the journal article will be published in the web content with interacting facilities. These interaction facilities will be available on the web page and the social media accounts of the journal. The link of the social accounts with the post link will be available content.

These facilities will give space and opportunity to creator/ author and reader including between readers. To my best knowledge, only Economic and Political Weekly in India and no other journal in the world including the world’s not trusted and reputed journal Nature.

Anil Kumar, PhD
University Journal of Society
Email: Editor.UJS@gmail.com



Kumar, Dr Anil, 2021, “Why do we Need a New Journal?”, University Journal of Society, https://www.UniversityJournal.org/ujs/UJS2021V01N01CNJ/ (08.08.2021), accessed <date of accessed>

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