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Content Index UJS/2021/V01N01

University Journal of Society
ISSN: Applied, Year 2021, Vol. 01, No. 01
Index | PDF Version

Published: (forthcoming) 26.11.2021, Pg. No. 01-02
Content ID: UJS/2021/V01N01/CIN

Content Index

Journal will be formally published in November 2021 after getting ISSN.

Dr Anil Kumar
Parent Organization: University Trust
Dr Anil Kumar
s/o Dr Badri Prasad Verma
Vill.: Babhne
P.O. & Distt.: Chatra
Jharkhand 825401

Page No.ContentOnline VersionPDF Version
01-02 Front Cover and Content Index Online VersionPDF Version
03-06 Editorial Board Online VersionPDF Version
07-09 Why do we Need a New Journal? Online VersionPDF Version
10-12 Editorial Online VersionPDF Version
13-24Contemporary Relevance of Baba Saheb Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: Prof. B. P. Mahesh Chandra GuruOnline VersionPDF Version
25-31Gendering Higher Education in Indi: A Social Perspective: Ghanshyam KushwahaOnline VersionPDF Version
32-51COVID-19 and Women: Socio-Economic Issues and Concerns: Dr. Priyadarsini Samantaray and Dr. Upasana BorthakurOnline VersionPDF Version
52-56Strategizing for Public Healthcare and Enforcement Mechanism: Dr. Bhupinder Singh Online VersionPDF Version
57-91अवधी रामलीला: समकालीन संदर्भ में पाठ, प्रदर्शन, और परंपरा, संदर्भ: बक्शी का रामलीला: Dr. Ramendra Kumar Chakarwarti Online VersionPDF Version
92-100 आदिवासी चिंतन और समकालीन साहित्य: चंदा Online VersionPDF Version
101-108फणीश्वरनाथ रेणु के उपन्यासों में चित्रित लोकजीवन: अभिषेक सौरभ Online VersionPDF Version



University Journal of Society, 2021, “Content Index”, (08.08.2021), accessed <date>

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