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ISSN: Applied, Year 2021, Vol. 01, No. 01
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Dr Anil Kumar

Director, University Journal, Editor-in-Chief, University Journal of Society, 400/B, Buddha Vihar, Munirka, New Delhi, 110067, India, Email: anilstate@gmail.com

Published: (forthcoming) 26.11.2021, Pg. No. 10-12
Content ID: UJS/2021/V01N01/CED

Dear esteemed readers,

Welcome and greeting from the University Journal Family.

The University Journal of Society is now in the public domain with a great mission, core values, ethics, ethos and social responsibilities. The founder of the University Journal Family decided to launch a new journal to meet these new standards and challenges. Serving humanity with great responsibility, with values, ethics, and ethos is the main driven force behind bringing the University Journal.

These driven forces are the basis of our mission and vision. And these were the reason and answers of – “why do we need a new journal”?

In India, we are lacking journals that also talked at the policy level effectively, with social responsibilities.

The academics must not run in the vacuumed environment. It must neither run without interaction opportunities, between authors, writers, creators, with their reader and audience and also between the reader and audience themselves.

Except for Economic and Political Weekly, no journal in India and perhaps the world is providing an opportunity to interact with writer, creator with reader and reader to the reader on the published contents. The University Journal is going to provide the interaction opportunity from the first issue.

All scholars, writers, thinkers, public influencers, public speakers, those who engage in public debate, discussion, and those who are able or can influence the public opinion and public policy must have the responsibility not to justify or satisfy the current anger, current public outrage and fraction or group of some people. Just like a doctor who does not satisfy the patient who is suffering from pain during the treatment process. If the doctor would think overwhelmingly about the pain of the patient then s/he will not be able to give his best treatment. In such a manner, the University Journal will not publish any content to satisfy anyone or just because this is in the fashion of public debate and discourse. However, this is also the responsibility of the University Journal to address the public debate and discussion, but with hard facts, logic, and reasoning.

The University Journal promises that we will never ever make decisions with discrimination, biases, or prejudicially to any content or content creator.

The University Journal is also ensuring that monetary conditions will never ever be an obstacle to get your content published here at the University Journal from our side. However, to respect our promise to the content creator and society we need generous support from kind people. We need monetary support to support the scholars who have no money to support them or their ideas of research or data collection. The University Journal wants to support such scholars. Please visit the relevant section for your monetary support, or contact the editor-in-general.

All our new effort will only be complete with your continuous recurring support. You are most welcome to write for the University Journal. Those who are writing for the first time are also most welcome, unleash your inner writing, the University Journal will try to help you in every step.

About Contents in our First Issue

Contents of our first issue are representing quite different fields, perspectives, ideas, and ideologies. From the beginning, the University Journal is welcoming all kinds of new ideas, ideology, perspectives, facts, explanation, review, and representations, and many other which is not listed here.

Prof B. P. Mahesh Chandra Guru is elaborating on the contemporary relevance of Dr B. R. Ambedkar from different perspectives. Ghanshyam Kushwaha is discussing gendering higher education in India from a social perspective. Dr Priyadarshini Samantaray and Dr Upasana Borthakur are addressing the current pandemic COVID-19 and socio-economic issues and concerns of women. Dr Bhupinder Singh shows concern over the strategizing for public healthcare and enforcement mechanisms.

Dr Ramendra Kumar Chakarwarti comes with extensive detail of reciting, performance and culture in the reference of Ramleela (from Ramayana), of Bakshi. Chanda comes with her new and non-tradition ideas on Adiwasi thinking and contemporary literature. Abhishek Saurabh is discussing that how we can understand the common life from the novel Phanishwarnath Renu.

Our first issue of the University Journal is now available in the public domain for you. The journal is welcoming critical review, comments, suggestions and feedback.

Moreover, the journal is welcoming everyone to write for the University Journal of Society. Please visit the submit section for submitting your contents.

Dr Anil Kumar, PhD
University Journal of Society
Email: Editor.UJS@gmail.com



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