Find here the progress and all update of your content for publication.

For a smooth and speedy process of publication, you need to follow all instructions for the content creation and logical as well as factual clarity. All instructions are already laid on this website, please read those ethics, guidelines, and instructions carefully. For citation style and guidelines, you need to follow, the “University Standard Citation Style” or the “University Journal Citation Style” which is available on this website.

Fee for Publication to meet the Publication Coste

This is mandatory to pay a publication fee to meet the publication costs to run the University Journal smoothly.

Please refer to the relevant section and policy for the fee structure applied to you. This policy is subject to modification from time to time.

However, we do not want a single penny from the creator, because intellectuality and monetary conditions must not be linked. To de-link the intellectuality and monetary condition we have a well-defined fee and fee waiver policy.

If you want fee waiving for your publication, then you need to visit the relevant section and send the filled form to the editor on the given email.

To de-link the intellectuality and monetary condition, all those who can drive monetary support for the University Journal or those who can directly support or sponsor the publication are most welcome.

Find here all progress and update for your content submitted to the University Journal. Progress and update can be found against the Content ID given to you on the same Emai ID from which we received your content.

Vocabulary and Code Explained

Content ID: This is the Unique ID of your content given to you on the same Email ID from which we received the content. Please also note that the Content ID is just a random code and it has no sign of quality or priority or any such things.

Date of Receiving: When the editorial board received your content

Current Status: Current status of your submitted content

Code for Current Status:
Stage A: Content received
Stage B: Content accepted
Stage C: Content rejected
Stage D: Assigned to the reviewer
Stage E: The editor received the review
Stage F: Editor wrote to the creator (if required)
Stage G: Required action pending with the creator*
Stage H: Received creator’s reply
Stage I: Accepted for publication
Stage J: Not satisfactory reply
Stage K: Can publish after fulfilling the required action
Stage L: Scheduled for publication
Stage M: Volume and Issue Number fixed for the publication
Stage N: Published in Volume and Issues Number

*Required actions such as modification, clarification, review, rewrite, fact check, seeking evidence, seeking data, etc. pending with the creator on the basis of suggestions made by the reviewer and/or the editor. A satisfactory reply from the creator is necessary for the next step to publish the content.

Progress Tracker

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