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There are many journals being published both online and offline around the world. Many of them are high-quality journals.

Then the question has arisen that why should you publish with the University Trust’s the University Journal of Society?

The founder of the University Trust found that most of the journals especially in India are not following the high standard of the research and publishing ethics.

Most of the research journals are not offering a social dialogue with the reader and writer/ creator/which means there is no space for dialogue between scholars and scholars and the general audience.

The research journal must provide and act as a confluence of the sharing of new questions, new ideas, new problems and new needs for the research or the subject matter which we must have to address.

In the absence of the mutual dialogue, most of the research is only written for some professional credit, for promotion or salary increment or the moving from one stage to another stage.

In the absence of the open social dialogue, much research or writing or paper or content went unchallenged. Here one can say that if someone has a serious disagreement then they should write another article/ research/ content, b what about the minor disagreement or if someone finds the factual error or ideological disagreement? Practically this is not possible to write an independent article for every reaction or finding or to express themselves. And at the same time, this is ethically not correct to not give the common reader to express their views and reaction to the article, especially for the social sciences.

We are aware that sometimes common people cannot understand some of the high-level research in the field of Humanities, Social Sciences, Language, Linguistic, Art, Culture, Performance, Drama, and any more. And it is very hard to understand the research of the natural sciences, engineering, medical and other such fields.

However, we are aware that the content published by the University Trust’s Journal like the University Journal of Society will be read by the scholar community and all those who are engaged in the research, scholar, teacher, writer, policymaker, policy influencer, and other such people. In general, every genre has its audience.

Therefore this is the right decision taken by the University Trust and the University Journal of Society to make all content in the public domain with an interaction facility. In absence of these interactions facilities, many continents are gone unaudited by the wider concerned audience and stakeholders in these fields. There are very few journals that offer these facilities. Such as the Nature Magazine at the international level and Economic Political Weekly at the Indian level. The University Journal of Society has planned to provide a better interaction facility than both. This is not available right on the website of the University Journal of Society, rather only on their social media accounts, because we have no funds to execute this idea right now.

You can give s monetary contribution to executing our innovative philosophy and idea.

The Concept of Social Audit

This is the new concept developed by the University Trust and the University Journal of Society. That no content should go unchecked and publically unaudited. Putting all content in the public domain with an interaction facility is derived from the philosophy of the social intellectual audit.

Why is Social Audit necessary?

This is necessary because every person has limited knowledge including our reviewer and even our editorial board. Even everything cannot be traced by any plagiarism detection software. This is most important for the ideology, policy, cultural, political and such other contents. This is ethical and necessary to give a chance to express the content.

Some Other Reason

Apart from the above reasons we would also like to mention that we are processing the content timely. We provide our authors with a swift and carefree publishing process. We are doing a thorough evaluation of the content. Our highly qualified editors and reviewers provide thoughtful insights to researchers on their manuscripts. Our all content is available online for unlimited access and is also archived.

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