Mission and Vision


Vision and Mission of

The University Trust, and

The University Journal of Society

About the University Trust

The University Journal of Society is being published by the University Trust.

This nonprofit trust has been started to serve the nation through education, innovation, and research, with social engagement.

The idea of the University Journal of Society was not new but it took many years to come out among the scholars because we did not want to compromise with the quality and our mission is to do something new.

The University Journal of Society is managed by professionals in the field and tries to provide all the possible resources to the students and faculty. The University Trust in future will offer the best possible consultancy and research solutions for the industry and researchers.

The University Journal of Society is a quality publication of the University Trust

Aim of University Trust

The aim of the coming journals is to disseminate knowledge about emerging issues in society throughout the globe. Our goal is to publish outstanding research work in all areas of social structure, function, and which matters to human life.

Future Course of Action of the University Trust

Major initiatives have been taken by the University Trust for the future academic engagement in the field of publication, such as-

Research journals for various fields of the studies with ISSN

Publishing online EBooks with ISBN

Publishing educational content for students and common people

These are still in the pipeline but will be in the public domain very soon.

Vision of the University Trust

Our vision is to become a world-renowned service institution in the field of education, training, research and publication with social responsibility.

Mission of the University Trust

Facilitate the students and researchers to excel in their academic life. Promote quality education, training, research and publication for the betterment of society.

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The vision of the University Journal of Society

We aim to facilitate the global exchange and review of research, ideas and expertise among individuals in the scientific community.

Our vision is simple: to partner with researchers and scientific institutes, to enable a realization of the full potential of their content in the digital environment, and to increase the efficiency of research in our world.

The mission of the University Journal of Society

Our Mission is to Bring a Knowledge-Based Society. The University Journal of Society is a peer-reviewed, open-access academic journal. Focusing on the bring quality research paper, articles, comments, and opinions to address the rapidly changing modern societies. The University Journal of Society covers a wide range of academic disciplines.

All content published by the University Trust offers unrestricted access, distribution, and reproduction in any medium; provided the original work is correctly cited. We ensure the highest standards of peer-review for all manuscripts submitted for publication, thanks to the highly qualified editorial board members.

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We are dedicated to offering researchers the highest level of services. The University Trust delivers support throughout the complete publishing process in an efficient and effective manner, allowing you to focus on the research.

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The University Trust publishing the University Journal of Society which is a peer-reviewed refereed journal and initiated by well-known scholars. Every article is going through a rigorous academic process to assess the quality of the article by the expert in that particular field of study. University Journal of Society is an open-access journal that publishes high-quality research articles.

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The Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meet the criteria of significance, academic excellence and great ideologies. Papers will be published after due academic process after acceptance. Every manuscript is reviewed by at least two reviewers familiar with the relevant field of research. However, the complicated and demanding articles maybe refer to more than two reviewers or the committee of reviewers.

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