Governing Body


Role and Responsibilities of the Governing Body

The governing body is responsible for every policy and administrative level decision. Their decision shall be binding for every member of the University Trust, the University Journal, and the University Journal of Society. For the day-to-day function, the Editor-in-Chief is capable of making all decisions. However, their decision is always subject to compatible, and mandate of the Governing Body. The Governing body has the right to hear any complaint from anybody related to the University Journal of Society. This board has also the right to take suo moto for any related matter the University Journal of Society. The member of Governing Body comprises with following members.

The membership criteria and the member of the Governing Body:

One member from the University Trust: Dr Badri Prasad Verma

One member nominated by the University Trust: Kaushalya Devi

Editor-in-Chief of the University Journal of Society: Dr Anil Kumar

One member from the Editorial Board of the University Journal of Society: Ghanshyam Kushwaha

One independent academician: Dr Gautam Kumar

One independent member from the teacher: (mutually decided by both parties appointed by the University Journal of Society at the time of dispute)

One independent member from renowned civil and human rights activist: Deepak Ranjeet Mahato

One independent lawyer: Adv Pankaj Rajshekhar Singh Reddy

One independent jurist: Sri H. L. Dusadh

Document ID: UJS/2108/GoverningBody


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