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How can we publish our conference paper in the Journal?

Please email the editor giving detail about the date of the conference, conference organizers details, place of the conference. Our representative will contact you and gives you the required details for publishing Conference Paper.

Is it possible that I see my paper online?

Once your research paper is published you can see it always online. This will be available freely across the globe.

I have not submitted the copyright form along with the Manuscript?

The copyright form is required for the publication of the paper. You can submit it by downloading it from the website, and send that from the same email ID from which you have sent the article.

I have not seen any change in status or cannot receive an email from the last 10 days from the Journals after submission of my paper.

Please see your spam filter settings; it may be possible that notification sent to your mailbox is directed towards your spam. If this is not the case, please send a reminder to the editor by stating your issue.

How much time and fees are required for the publication of the revised manuscript?

Usually, it takes around 5 to 10 days to inform your article status after submission, and we will be able to inform whether your article is considered for publication or not only after peer review. For this please follow the email sent to you from the editor. We are not tacking fees from the students. For other details please see our relevant sections.

After the successful publication of my paper, is any kind of change/correction possible in it?

Yes, an amendment inside the body of the Manuscript is permitted up to a certain extent. You can send an e-mail to the editor by stating your concern with suitable reason to the editor.

What is the use of Track Your Paper?

Track your paper gives the current status of your submitted paper. Status of paper means at which position processing of paper is done. There are many statuses of paper few are SUBMISSION UNDER PROCESS means your paper is given full importance and is under administrative checking, another status is UNDER REVIEW means when the reviewer is assigned to your paper. This will be effective after the acceptance of the ISSN by the concerned authority.

Is copyright form and publication fee required with my research paper?

Yes, a copyright form is required for the submission but not the fee.

After submission of my research paper, how much time is required to publish my paper?

After successful submission of the paper, it will take at least 3 to 7 days for general paper review and around one to two months for peer review. You can see the current status of your paper 24 X 7 on the website (Track Your Paper). Please see the Publication fee on the Author Home section of the website. Note: The tracking system will be operative after getting ISSN from the concerned authority.

I want to publish my paper. What I can do?

The authors can e-mail us their paper to the editor After successful submission, Author gets acknowledgement receipt of the submitted document on their email.

How can I become a reviewer for a journal?

Please contact the editor for the journal, with a copy of your CV. You will find their contact details on the editorial team tab on this page.

Who do I contact if I want to find out which volume and issue my accepted paper will appear in?

Typically, papers are added to an issue according to their date of publication. If you would like to know in advance which issue your paper will appear in, please contact the content editor of the journal. You will find their contact details on the editorial team tab on this page. Once your paper has been published in an issue, you will be notified by email.

Who do I contact if I have a query about my submission?

Please email the journal editor – you will find their contact details on the editorial team tab on this page. If you ever suspect an email you’ve received from the Journal might not be genuine, you are welcome to verify it with the content editor for the journal, whose contact details can be found on the editorial team tab on this page.

Is my paper suitable for the journal?

If you’ve read the aims and scope on the journal landing page and are still unsure whether your paper is suitable for the journal, please email the editor and include your paper’s title and structured abstract. They will be able to advise on your manuscript’s suitability. You will find their contact details on the Editorial team tab on this page.

How do I make a change to the list of authors once the manuscript has been submitted?

Authorship and the order in which the authors are listed on the paper should be agreed upon prior to submission. If you need to make any changes to the author information once the paper is under review or has been accepted, we will look into your request and closely follow the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) authorship guidelines. We will also require a statement from each author confirming their agreement.

For any other enquiry please feel free to contact us.

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