Concept Note


Concept Note and Appeal for Contribution for the University Journal of Society

We need monetary contribution for our University Journal of Society.

Dear scholar, writer, thinker, activist, artist, reader, and all those who are a concerned, connected and feel the need to have new and better academic debate, discourse, and engagement with society.

As all of you are already aware that there is no link and concern of the academic debate with society and social welfare. Most of the academic researchers have been done for the sake of knowledge for knowledge.

The production of knowledge must have a dialogue with the society; they must have a link with society.

The educational structures are too responsible for such a relationship between academic and society.

In this light, I have the new concept of open access research journal, in which everyone can have the academic debate, discourse, and interaction. Which will result in the continues interaction between scholar, writer, thinker, activist, artist, reader, and all those who are a concern, connected and feel the need to have a new and better academic debate, discourse, and engagement with society.

As all of you are also aware that I had run “The National Press” very successfully. That had more readership than the other online magazine which is running for last 8-10 years with 5-10 workforce and proper office. However, I was alone without any office. For this success, I must thank all writer and readers. But due to the financial crisis, I was forced to shut down.

I have learned a lot with the past expertise, and I have new and better ideas to run the publishing house.

For this new start-up, I need your help.

To start a new research journal I need some basic essential things. I appeal you to support me. This is totally voluntary, non-refundable, and non-compulsive for either side. All help and support must not carry with any condition or expectation of return except that this money will be used for the publication purpose only. It should be also clear that in no any circumstance you will have the right to influence the choice of publication in exchange with the heap. The editorial board will have the sovereign right to accept or reject the received article or what to publish as editorial.

You are welcome to help to establish the new journal with new potentiality and ideas.

Please also note that this concept does not have to send to all email contact in my address book, and not to anyone in-person. You are free to ask and raise any question via email. However, you are also absolutely free to not to contribute.

We need contribution to these expenditures:

Office Rent

Salary of Editor, Reviewer and Office Staff

Expense for Other Related Services

Equipment for Work (Office equipment including laptop and ICT)

If you are interested to contribute please content office proposed expenditures in detail. You can contribute in general or you can finance or sponsor a particular expense.

Hope you come forward for monetary help. You are also welcome for editorial help such as reviewer of the article and editorial help.

Thanking you

Yours Sincerely

Anil Kumar, PhD

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

Mobile: (+91) 97 177 406 98


Please find proposed expenditures in detail on request or in this website. However, the University Journal of Society is not forcing you or making moral pressure for any contribution. This totally depends on your choice and wills.

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