Editor in Chief A. V. Burkov

International Editorial Board
A.V. Burkov, Doctor of Economics, Associate Professor, Russia
Anca Alamillo, Doctor of natural history, Professor, Spain.
A.H. Aymaganbetova, Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Kazakhstan
E.E. Blinova, Doctor of Psychology, Professor, Ukraine
K.Z Vacheva, Doctor of Architecture, Professor, Bulgaria
I.V Dreval, Doctor of Architecture, Professor, Ukraine
N.P. Kradin, Doctor of Architecture, Professor, Honored Architect of Russia, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Building Sciences, Russia.
K.R. Crawford, Doctor of natural history, Professor, USA.
Freivogel, Doctor of Divinity, German Society for the Maritime and Naval History, Germany
E.A. Murzina, Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor, Russia
A.V. Zatonsky, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Russia
N.V. Mitiukov, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Russia
V.V. Nosov, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Russia
L.V. Lukienko, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor, Russia
T.V. Yalyalieva, Candidate of Economics, Associate Professor, Russia
K.V. Dyadyun, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor, Russia
T.A. Magsumov, Candidate of History, Professor, Russia
V.N. Polivtsev, Doctor of History, Professor, Republic of Moldova.
E.I. Remizova, Doctor of Architecture, Professor, Ukraine.
N.M. Nasybullina, Doctor of Pharmaceutics, Professor, Russia.
G. Velcovska, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Bulgaria.
O.N. Kondratieva, Doctor of Philology, Associate Professor, Russia
R.I. Oleksenko, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Ukraine.
O.A. Marukhovska-Kartunova, PhD in Philosophy, professor, Ukraine
V.O. Petrov, Doctor of Art, Russia
G.A. Mamedova, Candidate of Chemistry, Senior Research Officer, Azerbaijan
K.I. Kurpayanidi, Candidate of Economics, Professor, Uzbekistan.
T.S. Voropaeva, Candidate of psychological sciences, Associate Professor, Ukraine.